Why Blogatweet?

In the fall of 2008, I had a small conversation on twitter where I attempted to connect Tim O’Reilly and Gregor McDonald who were both talking about turning auto plants into train factories. The problem was Gregor’s tweets were spread over the course of a conversation with some other guy and gathering his commentary using Twitter’s search tool was a pain. At that time, I was describing twitter to colleagues as a place where you post into a blackhole that stunningly spits out golden nuggets every once in a while. Not much has changed on that front.

So let’s talk about these “golden twitter nuggets” Often these nuggets would come in the form of a conversation that was truly thought provoking, funny, or just surreal. Again, extracting these golden nuggets from Twitter’s search tool was a complete pain.Sharing them with others? Forget it. Most people if they can attempt to get a screen shot or image file out of the conversation will take that route, but only if they are truly determined. Blogatweet make this process much easier (with only a few caveats)

Over the 2009 holiday break I registered a few domain names and started to sketch out what a new service might look like. While that list of functions I’d like to add remains quite long, we now have a tool that I hope will make it easier for people who tweet and blog to share the golden nuggets that occur when people interact. With 2 Billion tweets a month, there must be a few good conversations underway. It’s time to start sharing and saving those golden twitter nuggets to twitter and non-twitter people alike!

GregorMacdonald I know a retired $F engineer in Ontario who agrees that Detroit manufacturing capacity can be re-fitted to make trains. 10:11 PM Nov 6th, 2008
timoreilly Retweeting @Meryl333: “WHAT IF–we retooled & started building Speed Trains & Rails? ” Yeah. Put former GM employees to work building THAT. 7:47 PM Nov 11th, 2008
abnerg @timoreilly Mr. @GregorMacdonald had a bit of a discussion on the retool for trains a day or two ago 8:02 PM Nov 11th, 2008
timoreilly @thesethings, you make a GREAT point: “re: GM, rails, etc are great. We’re submitting all this to change.gov, right?” 8:33 PM Nov 11th, 2008
abnerg @timoreilly Tweets start here http://bit.ly/hllP 1 conv http://bit.ly/ekPr 2nd conv http://bit.ly/ovLE Perhaps he will post on the topic 8:35 PM Nov 11th, 2008
abnerg Oh my, attempting to forward a twitter conversation to someone else is brutal. Any decent solutions out there? 8:37 PM Nov 11th, 2008
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Go embed a twitter conversation in your blog today. (Unless you have a wordpress.com hosted blog in which case, stay tuned)

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